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Final Reminder for Sunday’s #nycpofest

My COUPLET series, starring Dena Rash Guzman, Wendy Chin-Tanner, Bruce Covey and Kim Triedman, is at 1:40 on White Horse Tavern Stage on Sunday.

I’m reading at 4:30 at the Chumley’s stage for Coconut Poetry.

It’s going to be fabulous! Let’s all hope it doesn’t rain. see you there..

My books are living at East Side Story

My books are living at East Side Story

My travel essay from my #DDAID southern tour over at Luna Luna Magazine

Travel Notes From a Southern Poetry Tour

Last Day

Last Day - Chattanooga

Our last day in Tennessee, we went to the Tennessee Valley Railroad and rode an old steam train. I wasn’t sure if it would be awesome or lame but it was actually REALLY exciting. It was so fun to see kids getting really excited about it, but also just fun. The turntable was my favorite part. I didn’t realize that’s how trains turn around. It was really exciting and apparently, back in the day, it took 4 men.

I loved it.

We then had lunch in downtown Chattanooga and had ice cream at Clumpies (so good)

The downtown is adorable. They had this like water walk for kids, and the Chattanooga Choo Choo song was solded into the sidewalk. Really cool

We then drove back to atlanta and flew home from there.

I’m home now and so thankful for such a fun trip and a great book tour for Don Dreams And I Dream.

I was happy to have such a great turnout at the four readings, and happy to meet local poets and hear them read. I had a great time w Anna, Ellen,& Amber.

Anna and I were really lucky. Every little whim we took, turned into a great adventire…

It was just great, and I loved all the cities and towns we visited down south.

I have my favorites, but not writing them.

So thankful for it all….

Day 10 Chattanooga

Day 10 - chatoonaga

Today, we drove from nashville to chatoonaga. We went to Ruby Falls, which was awesome. Its a giant cave with an underwater waterfall. It was magical. It reminded me of howe caverns. It was a half mile walk from elevator to the watetfall. It was 114ft underground, I think, and really narrow and dark and scary. But, all was worth it…

Tomorrow well spend the morning here then off to atlanta to fly home…

DOMESTIC UNCERTAINTIES & DON DREAMS AND I DREAM  lives at Parnassus Books in Nashville

Day 9 photos

Day 9- Nashville

Our last day in Nashville was really fun. We went to the Frist Museum of Art and saw this amazing animation exhibit. Also, they had this frest Maira Kalman exhibit of her Illustrations for “Elements of Style”( EB White)

Then, we drove into green hills, a suburb, to check out Ann Patchett’s Parnassus Books.

We had lunch at The Food company , which was delicious and so cute. I had tea punch, which is never had before.

I loved Parnassus. What an adorable store. They also carry my two books, which was great to see. So proud. The booksellers were so lovely too. I hope to read there when my next book is out.

At night, we went downtown for the last night. So fun

Day 8

Day 8 - nashville

Ellen met us In Nashville. We did the hop on hop of music city tour. We saw a ton of sights we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Im really impressed by nashville. Centennial park was gorgeous, too. We saw some of the famous music studios.

Then, we went to the Hatch Show Print studio, which is the famous letterpress on town since 1800s. It is famous for a ton of music posters. We did a tour and took a ton of pics. It was fascinating. We even made our own prints. I think I want to so letterpress. Seems fitting for me.

Then, we went into east Nashville for my reading at East Side story. It was charming. A cute little bookstore in a very crafty little shopping area. I read w three other poets and the host, ciara, runs lyrical brew at the local B&N. I was the featured reader and it was great. An honor. They called me the “finest poet in ny.” That was humbling. They are keeping books on consignment too

We had dinner at Family wash which was amazing. Best shepherds pie. Most adorable place and live music, naturally. Just magical Nashville is like all those music venues I love on the lower east side of nyc but more magical & more awesome

Tonight’s reading, in east nashville.

Day 7 Nashville

Day 7- Nashville

So, we drove around five hours from Asheville to Nashville. Our hotel is right by downtown and its awesome. My friend ellen met us at around 6pm. We all totally forgot were on central time here, which was funny.

We had dinner at Jacks BBQ. One meat and two sides. We then went to the wildhorse saloon to see some line dancing but it was sort of a bust. It was a pop cover band, and every 30min-to-an hour, they had a line dancing demo. It was a little lame, but cute

Then, we went to a karaoke bar and that was awesome. It was mostly locals and my God, they were amazing. Like amazing. I couldn’t believe the voices.

There was a girl singing Dixie Chicks with her grandma and I loved that. That’s gonna be me someday. Karaoke till I’m an old lady! This one older man did an amazing version of “pumped up kicks,” and another guy did “sweet caroline.”.

Ellen and I were rattling our brains to think of a country singer we liked. I was going to do “lets give them something to talk about” by Bonnie Raitt and then Anna said, what a out Sheryl Crow. Genius!!

We did sheryl crows version of “sweet child of mine” and we KILLED it. I was especially good at the wahwahwahwahwahwahs. LOVE THAT SONG.

Then we went to a bar called The Stage, and saw a few songs of a country band w a violin and I liked that. He did Springsteen’ s Glory Days too and it was awesome. southern music is fun and I like that everyone’s got rhythm, bc I don’t.

Tomorrow is our first day in Nashville, and my reading